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Newsweek Runs Out Of TIME

Courtesy Time Inc

Courtesy Time Inc

If you’ve been on a double date waiting for the other couple to blow up and call it a night, then you feel for the two national weeklies.

On the cover of the last Newsweek in print they show the past and the future, but do it hipster-style.

First the Newsweek labeled building on a gray city day that makes you want to jump into a gray flannel suit and catch the 8:15 into the city.

Across the bottom middle is #LASTPRINTISSUE.

The hip hashtag for the Daily Beast set says it all: We’re here, We’re online, and we’re not going away. They didn’t say that, I did.

Tina Brown said it, too, though not in the same words.

We’re going digital, she said. We’re leading the way, ahead of the curve. She said more. We’ve lost advertisers, though not QuickBooks, Korean Air, or Zagat Wine.

Toyota stuck around using a Frank Zappa-feeling Mothers of Invention title in their ad, so they get boomerpdx credit.

TIME goes another way in their end of the year issue. No news about the  new TIME, just their expanded Person Of The Year.

President Barack Obama is the 2012 Person Of The Year.

Whether you agree or disagree with the choice, TIME takes it over the edge when they use a monochrome cover for the president and the next four pages round out the top five Persons Of The Year in Time’s traditional red bordered covers.

Four extra covers?

Newsweek’s dumping print and TIME rubs it in? That’s what it looks like. Winner takes all.

For the record, Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai is the first runner up to President Obama. Apple CEO Tim Cook got the third cover, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi the fourth, and Particle physicist Fabiola Gianotti the fifth.


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