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A love priority changes your life.

It also gives you the best excuse invented to dodge hard decisions.

If you can’t do it with love, then you don’t do it?

“I can’t do what you ask with love. Now what.”

Option people ask questions that never come up with priority people.

Option questions from priority people? You know something changed.

It’s either you or them.

Hint: It’s you.

Like running the option in football, you’ve become one of many tools. Not just The Tool.

If a team fields a great offensive line, they love running the ball.

You can’t stop great athletes with great size.

They make weak running backs look strong.

Emmitt Smith leads all runners in NFL football history.

Former Cowboy Tony Dorsett said if he’d had Smith’s line he’d have run for more yards. Lots more.

Teams without dominant lines, franchise quarterbacks, or Sweetness install the option. They need to fool the defense with a run after a fake pass, a pass after a fake run, one guy faking a hand off and running, the same guy handing off and faking the run.

Different people all doing something better than the others. Combine them all for an option team, the one that gets rolled up by power teams.

Relationships without feelings, commitments, or loyalty also use the option.

Love Priority takes more stuff. Like what?

If it doesn’t start with love, it’s not a start. Throw deep or run hard to start. Crush the opposition or let them run free, but do it with a game plan.

Be a love priority as often as you can. Make others a love priority. That’s the plan.

This isn’t stalker permission.

Boomerpdx readers from Beaverton to Boston, Portland to Los Angeles look for the love priority.

Millennials from Russia, India and China need the same thing. Make love a priority.

Option people break from the pressure of doing the right thing for someone else. Even when they think they’re right.

A love priority carries the pressure and never gets tired.

At a certain age you’ll have a choice of who you spend time with. If you make them love priorities and feel it back, you’ve got the right group.

After that it’s mostly coincidence.

The dice you roll by avoiding priority people keeps you from being one.

The fallacy of Mark Twain’s statement about priority and option doesn’t sound very Twain-y.

I’ve read he was bitter in his later years. Personal loss combined with aging-out didn’t help.

Maybe old writers all go the same way. Tolstoy didn’t look like a happy man either.

Which one is in your plans, bitterness or love?

Choose love like old Mark in a love letter to his wife. Via

Even if you prove to me that you have the blemishes you think you have, it cannot appall me any, because with them, you will still be better, and nobler, and lovelier than anyone I have known. I will help you to weed out your faults when they are revealed to me but don’t you be troubled about the matter, for you have a harder task before you, which is helping me to weed out mine. 

Let me pay my due homage to your worth; let me honor you above all others; let me love you with a love that knows no doubt, no question– for you are my world, my life, my pride, my all of earth that is worth the having. Let us hope and believe that we shall walk hand in hand down the lengthening highway of life, one in heart, one in impulse, and one in love, bearing each other’s burdens, sharing each other’s joys, soothing each other’s griefs. 

What we will lose of youth, we will make up in love, so that the account is squared, and to nobody’s disadvantage. I love you, my darling, and this my love will increase, step by step as tooth by tooth falls out, mile-stoning my way down to the great mystery and the Sweet Bye & Bye.

For I do love you… as the dew loves the flowers; as the birds love the sunshine; as the wavelets love the breeze, as mothers love their first-born; as memory loves old faces; as the yearning tides love the moon; as the angels love the pure in heart…

Take my kiss and my benediction, and try to be reconciled to the fact that I am

Yours forever,

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