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NW Boomer Travel, pt.1

The Oregon Alps


If you look back at Portland from LaGrande, the miles pile up. But you’re not done.

You can’t drive to the Swiss Alps on Interstate 84, but the Oregon Alps are a tank of gasoline away.

Look for highway 82 and read the signs to Joseph.



For peace of mind, fill up the tank with $3.75 a gallon gas in LaGrande instead of $4.25 gas down the road to Joseph.

Since it’s a tough part of the country, explain to the locals how the Olympic organizers plan to drop wrestling from the games.

These guys took a stance to Save Olympic Wrestling.


Part of being a good Boomer traveler is mixing with the locals.

Stop at a brew pub for the mixer, er, happy hour.

Mutiny Brewing in Joseph is the stop. Buy a T-shirt and be a mutineer.


A walk down Main Street means a peak in a window of awesome.

Kelly’s Gallery on Main shows what’s missing in your window.

It’s a two way mirror to the past and future. And you’re in the picture on Joseph’s Main Street.


All good travel plans have one thing in common, a destination. Call it a home base, or hub to branch out from, just make it nice.

Are you a boomer adventurer who enjoys walking the forest after dark and laying down to sleep on rocks?

Maybe you’re one who dreams of an alpine night in a jungle hammock?

Boomerpdx dreams of a beautiful bed and breakfast like The Bronze Antler.

After one night there you’ll want a new bed at home as comfortable as the Bronze Antler. You’ll want recipes for the delicious food Heather and Bill make.

Then you remember your home doesn’t have a view of the Oregon Alps from the dining room window. What to do?

Put this itinerary on your Boomer Travel list. If eating well, exercise, and quality rest is an important part of your life, you’ve come to the right place.

These are your Alps, Boomer.


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  1. You will want to locate someone that can assist you with all the records; charges, limitations and regulations of your respective favored destination country as well regarding receive your automobile at the said destination. Is the total cost as it really is,
    or could there be additional charges. Suppose a national average cost per gallon of gas of $3.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Hey Corvette,

      If you come to Oregon plan on a trip on Hwy 80, I-5, and 97. If you have time, hit 101.

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