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Information whips between people further and faster than anyone expected.

Technology makes the link.

One means of communication that never changes speed or location? First hand experience.

You make that connection. It’s happening now.

Trying a new way, or doing something different, creates a new experience for the scrap book.

That’s what marketing professionals use, their take on shared personal experience gains your attention.

They open the book.

They get you closer to what they’re selling by painting pictures and putting you in them.

Baby boomers have seen this quite a while. Led Zeppelin playing on a Cadillac commercial?

You give a yes, a no, and move on, but it bothers you. If feels too personal. It happens too often.

This is stress, intrusive stress, and it clamps onto every minute of the day.

I found this quote on a stress search: “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else is easier.”

This one includes the family: “Once you’ve watched your kid wrestle, everything else is easier.”

As far as sports go, wrestling gives the most personal experience.

As far as life goes, there are a few more.

Once you get married in Chernobyl rain, everything else is easy.

Once you honeymoon on death mountain, everything else is easy.

Once you’ve been in the catcher’s seat at your kid’s home birth…

Once you’re kid gets beat up on the kindergarten bus and other kids stand up for him, everything else is easy.

Once you irrigate your momma, everything else is easy.

Once you wash blood off a dead man’s chest…

Once you tell someone you love them and mean it, everything else is easy.

Once you keep your word…

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