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One Baby Boomer Dive of Dives

It’s a common story, though one played out a little later than most.


A successful person comes to grips with their dreams and acts on them.

Then they lose everything.

Is it a character problem? Genetic? Or just a sign of the times?

Jane Doe (a made up name, but you knew that) rises in status and income. She pursues education and experience and lands one job, then another, each better than the last.

But she wants more. She wants fulfillment. So she returns to college and earns a professional degree.

With the new paper in hand she lands another great job, then another.

She’s happy, her home is paid off, then a lose thread shows. And she pulls it.

Call it the rip cord of chaos.

This sweet hearted woman, a devout born again Republican, lost control.

Was it booze? Weed? Crack? Meth? All of the ingredients on the list went into her cake.

She lost her job, lost her house, and nearly lost her life. After bouncing from rented rooms to shelters to jail and re-hab, she regained her balance.

Clean and sober? New job? Love of her life? None of that. Instead she won a court case based on a bad experience. The settlement provides a lifetime of disability payments.

Call it a cautionary tale, or a waste of space, but anyone reading this should know the outcome usually isn’t so pleasing.

Instead of dead in the gutter she was heading for, you can find her in a nice apartment with time on her hands. Time to make the world a better place? Time to help others? Or time to engage in further self destruction?

It’s a reminder that no matter who we think we know, we don’t really know them.

When a TV talking head starts spouting from the base you believe in, or the opposition base of politics and religion, keep this bit in mind. What they say is good for you might not be good for them. But that part doesn’t make the show.

Some examples:

The harsh anti-gay man has a secret boyfriend. We don’t care, but he’s terrified you’ll find out.

The extreme anti-drug advocate has a little secret in a needle he pulls out during off hours. When he gets busted he says he’s earned the right to get high, but you should go to jail.

The spokes-person from the anti-abortion front paid to terminate unwanted pregnancies until he got married and settled down. He’s also paid for a few trips to the specialty clinic for women after he got married, but won’t say if he’s a part of the process when his wife catches him.

Living a life of dignity means what, lying and cheating? Or is it living with the strength of your convictions.

No one said it was easy, but it’s the right road to take.

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