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One Day Too Soon

If you see anyone you know on the evening news you stop and turn up the volume.

I walked by the television and called to my wife,

“Sara’s on the news.”

Sara was a big part of our circle of friends in Northwest Portland before we got married.

A balance of kindness, beauty, and a wild streak for leather jackets and motorcycle riders.

Since I didn’t have a leather jacket or a motorcycle, and did have a girlfriend, we were free to like each.

She gave me a most unique birthday present one year, she taught me how to play the Beatles’ Blackbird on guitar.

I had to learn the song or risk hurting her feelings, and I cared about her feelings.

After I played it well enough to pass her test, she loaned me The Deluxe Peaceful Easy Feeling Songbook and told me which songs to practice.

“I’m in the band?” I said.

We laughed and played our song for the rest of the party.

“This is a present you can’t take back,” she said.

The police didn’t find the killer before Sara’s funeral, which left a church-full of family and friends stunned.

Who did this?

Where are they?

Sixteen years later the guy turns up.

Jailed in 1977 on a twenty year sentence for rape and released in 1986.  Arrested in 1987 for the same things he was convicted of in 1977, except he added Sara to his resume.

He murders Sara then rapes and pillages someone else, gets arrested for that and goes away on another twenty year sentence.

I still have Sara’s Deluxe Peaceful Easy Feeling Songbook.

We’re still a band when I play Someday Soon:

There’s a young man that I know whose age is twenty-one
Comes from down in southern Colorado
Just out of the service, he’s lookin’ for his fun
Someday soon, goin’ with him someday soon

My parents can not stand him ’cause he rides the rodeo
My father says that he will leave me cryin’
I would follow him right down the roughest road I know
Someday soon, goin’ with him someday soon

But when he comes to call, my pa ain’t got a good word to say
Guess it’s ’cause he’s just as wild in his younger days

So blow, you old Blue Norther, blow my love to me
He’s ridin’ in tonight from California
He loves his damned old rodeo as much as he loves me
Someday soon, goin’ with him someday soon

There are no motorcycles or leather jackets but this is Sara’s guy, the one she wants more than anything, the one she’ll go down the roughest road with.

Someday came too soon for her, but the love in her smile and light in her eyes have never gone away.


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