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oregonsportsnews3[1]Portland baby boomers know a good thing when they see it.

In a city famous for vision boomers play a large part.

And they have help.

In the spirit of being first on the important stuff, I present

This website, owned and edited by the inestimable Arran Gimba, works to cover local sports from the ground up.

In addition to Oregon news, national trends come in through a crew of writers and podcasters who cover sports the way you’d like to see.

It’s all about the enthusiasm and excitement of the moment, the game, and the team.

Showing a deep understanding of writers and fans, Mr. Gimba hosts regular meetings where he buys his gang the first beer of the night.

Thursday night found the sports fans gathering at the Lucky Lab in Multnomah. Those at the table included Stuart Kemp, Jason Hartzog, Ryan A Chase, Matt Palmer, Brad Stein, and yours truly.

Depending on schedule and location, this fraternity changes for each meeting. What doesn’t change is their passion for sports.

A brief introduction:

  • Stuart Kemp focuses on the Portland Winterhawks.

As President of the Portland Winterhawks Booster Club he “works as a liaison between the Portland Winterhawks Hockey Club and its fans with fan trips, player photos and more. The club’s goal is to assist the WAHA Player’s Education Fund and Junior Hockey Programs in the local area.”

His columns show the teams, players, and workings of the Western Hockey League. If major media seems to leave out the parts of junior hockey you’re looking for, turn to Stuart for the rest of the story.

From the Blazers to the Seahawks, Mariners, and PAC12 sports, Jason combines stats and insight for a look behind the headlines of the day. In his recent column Jason broke down the reasons for not trading LaMarcus Aldridge by showing what his numbers mean for Damian Lillard. And what do they mean? Keep LA.

  • Ryan A. Chase recently posted his 100th column for One Hundred.

Break that down to 500 words per column and Mr. Chase has penned fifty thousand words, or a novel about the size of The Great Gatsby. In spite of the work load, he shows no signs of slowing down. That’s the good news. Even better is the way he continues to put sports under the microscope to write intriguing stories for his readers. Are you one of them?

  • Brad Stein knows when to be quiet, but lucky for you and the rest of us, he finds more to talk about.

The old saying “Busier than a fireman in hell” comes to mind with Brad’s growing schedule of podcasts and live game broadcasting on baseball, football, and basketball. Add Ultimate Frisbee to the mix with The Slant, PDFL in 60, and Portland Sportsbeat. When does this sports guy get any rest?

Simply Awesome Sports is in for a long run. I make this prediction because at the Oregon Sports News meet up he was unafraid of mixing two different beers to create a new taste. His mix of sports and culture will add a new flavor to your sports world, too.

The next time you feel empty after watching a game on television, or feel left out after listening to a radio broadcast, you have a new site to visit. Oregon Sports News will fill in the blanks of what you know so far, then send you on a search for more insightful content.

It’s time for a new bookmark.






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