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Did Chip Kelly just win the Super Bowl?


Robert Mays from The Ringer claims the win belongs to a ‘cultural shift’ in Philadelphia, but what’s that supposed to mean? Wasn’t Kelly’s NFL coaching stint a cultural shift, too?


How many gears does an NFL transmission have for so may cultural shifts happening so fast?


Kelly came to town to change the way things got done. The fast talking little whirlwind out of Oregon changed the culture in college football, why not the NFL?


Apparently the communication style he used to deal with an Oregon fan during an Erin Andrews interview wasn’t as effective in the big league. He didn’t get the same results with “Why don’t you shut up” when applied to grown men instead of college kids.


But the NFL didn’t shut Kelly up.


Take The Ringers headline on another post: The Eagles Beat the Patriots With a Hyper-Modern Offense.


Hyper-modern offense? Where have Oregon Duck fans heard this before? And seen it?


Kelly changed college football, whether college football likes to admit it or not. Alabama’s football machine once claimed Kelly was putting players at risk by running plays so fast. Even Alabama had a cultural shift and decided to speed things up.


We all remember the word ‘tempo?’ Now everyone knows how to run up-tempo. They could call it the Kelly Offense, but that’s not how things work in the giving credit where credit is due department.


One thing all the guys in the smart room agreed on, Kelly’s offense would never work in the NFL, the NGFL, No Gimmicks Football League. But the Eagles took a chance, then the 49ers, before Coach Kelly made his way back and landed at UCLA.


So what happened between Kelly in Philly and the Eagles Super Bowl? Doug Pederson happened. ‘Social intelligence’ happened. ‘Emotional connection’ happened. Players on the Eagles were actually like everyone else. They wanted to feel wanted, not like pieces plugged into a scheme.


They wanted the love. And the money. No arguments here. Instead of paycheck and out the door, the Eagles wanted more, and once they got more, they delivered more.


Still not convinced of Chip Kelly’s part in the Eagles Super Bowl, and his effect on the entire league? Another word for hyper-modern offense is the run pass option, or RPO. Marcus Mariota was the master of RPO at Oregon.


Andy Reid drafted Nick Foles to Philadelphia. When Kelly took over he made Foles a star before trading him. After stops with two other teams, Foles came back to the Eagles instead of retiring and pursuing his divinity Masters degree.


And then? Super Bowl Champion. Super Bowl MVP.


Off the top of my head I think of other back up quarterbacks who rose to the moment: Doug Williams with Washington, Jim Plunkett with Oakland, Earl Morrall with Miami, Tom Brady with New England.


What makes the Eagles win even better? In boxing’s golden era the unspoken rule to challengers facing champions for their title was you needed to knock the champ out to win. Points weren’t good enough.


The Eagles knocked out the champions. Oregon Super Bowl? Just saying the Ducks saw it first and we all know birds of a feather stick together.
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