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Packing For Portland. What Will Boomer Do?

South Park Blocks, or your new front yard. If you lived here you’d be home.

Will baby boomers flock to the siren call of urban density?

If they do, get ready to log them into convenient categories.

The down-sizer. The empty nester. The adventurous. The lateral transfer from other cities. Come on down.

Which one are you?

Down Sizing

If boomer has room, they fill it up.

If you’re a minimalist who enjoys art that looks like this ———, you’re probably comfortable with empty. (“Notice the dynamic tension between the dashes, the conflict with space above and below the line.”)

More often the older you get the longer the tail of things following you.

Three barbecues? You’re saving one for the kids, one for the first person you meet without a barbecue. (Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Substitute grill for fish and you’re a miracle worker.)

The point is, down sizing people get rid of things they’ve grown attached to. Without their stuff, they grow attached to their new neighbors.

To listen to these people you’d think they planned on their kids staying eight years old forever. Or three. They’re shocked to wake up and find them at the door with packed bags.

In response, parents get even by moving. Similar to down sizers, empty nesters adopt their new neighbors. The result is a new nest feathered with good intentions. Opportunity for over-parenting is the big risk.

  • The Adventurous And The Lateral Transfers

All cities have a distinct flavor. Philadelphia and cheese steaks. Baltimore and crab cakes.

Portland and beer.

The ideal place for urban density includes a brew pub three blocks away. Boomers love walking out for a cold one instead of chugging in their garages. It’s a healthier choice.

New arrivals will be shocked by the abundance of great beer. Instead of the customary one for the road and a six pack to go, they can order a growler.

Very soon they have more in common with their new neighbors than they ever did with their old.

If you fall into one, or all, of the three categories, boomerpdx wants to hear from you.

If you plan to join the Central City migration, how’s it going?

BoomerPDX Lesson: If a new neighbor is a late night yeller, find a DVD of Old Yeller for a present. Direct them to the end of the movie for some quiet time.

Better Boomer says, if the heavy walker upstairs begins his day at 4 a.m., so will you. Talk to them nicely for a week. If that doesn’t work, do it again.






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