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Portland Boomer Thinks About Losing Weight?

Not For Long



Let’s agree that you are thoughtful and considerate, that you know how to do the right thing and make an effort to do just that.

So far so good?

In addition, since you are a Portland baby boomer, a boomer living somewhere else, or just know boomers, you’ve had time to consider the direction your life is going.

Still with me?

What if you learned that the extra weight you’ve been carrying around is shrinking your brain?

If that’s news to you, continue. If you’ve heard this before and call baloney, continue anyway.

What’s more annoying than a ‘fitness expert’ with perfect blood reports, who meets every fitness criteria, who’s shredded due to extreme diet and exercise, telling you what to do?

And they use themselves as their own best example. Who remembers Jim Fixx the author of the Complete Book Of Running? Rumor has it those were his legs on the cover. He was a 220 pounder smoking two packs of cigarettes a day before his fitness conversion.

He lost 60 pounds and did some road racing before he dropped dead on the side of the road during a training run.

There’s a good reason to check with your doctor before you crank up your workout and hit the wall at 52 like Mr. Fixx.

The overweight/shrinking brain duo is recent news on the cover of Parade Magazine. There’s the Reverend Rick Warren in his black biker T with his arms crossed in the classic ‘gun show’ pose.

There’s the Reverend Rick Warren on CBS This Morning. He’s all over the place showing a 6’3″ frame that once carried 295 lbs, now with 60 less. That explains the black T. If you do the math, he’s now 235, but probably not. People who say they weigh 295 work with the numbers harder than others because they can’t face the big 3-0-0.

295 often rounds up to 320 or so. No matter, he’s on the weight loss band wagon and bringing his congregation with him. He says together they’ve lost 250,000 pounds.

What inspires you to lose weight? A closet full of ‘skinny clothes?’ An anniversary or reunion? Fear of Type 2 diabetes? Knee pain? Those are all good reasons, but what could be better than rescuing your brain?

Be Brain Fit at runs it down for you. Big belly with brain atrophy is no way to live. They don’t use scare tactics when they explain it like this:

It’s not known why being overweight is related to brain atrophy. Some of the most likely causative factors include:

  • Changes in hormone levels
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood sugar levels
  • Poor circulation
  • Poor nutrition
  • Lack of exercise

Boomer, I’m talking to you. Find a way to drop a few pounds, then drop a few more. Use Warren’s Purpose Driven Diet, or stop loading up like every day is Thanksgiving. There’s nothing thankful about growing into the Big and Tall styles.

My advice? Boomerpdx says block out a period of time each day you think is long enough to exercise. During that time suck in your gut and tighten your glutes. Do it until enough time passes that you want to make that muscle tension a part of your life. Then you’re ready to work out. Call it the Dave Plan. Prepare the ground, then plant the idea.

Suck it in on three: One. Two. It’s all you.










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