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Portland Reaches Up And So Do You

Portland Reaches Up And So Do You

Once you’ve sat in the presence of power you don’t soon forget it. The worst example is the conversation you have with a policeman while his car sits behind yours with the lights flashing.

He’s got the power, not you, and he’s not sharing. It’s never comfortable.

The better example is attending a meeting of local professionals sharpening their skills. They aren’t marketing their business. Instead, they work on new ideas for each other to spread the word of their work.

They’ve got the power and they share. It’s very comfortable. Please take note and click these links.

Home Gnome is particularly interesting here at BoomerPdx. We are do-it-yourself-ers who work on our houses whether they need it or not. Don’t call us fix-aholics just because our work looks inspired by too many happy hours.

Like all sharp-eyed artists who reject a level and tape measure to create, our houses would fit into a sub-division designed by M.C. Escher. That’s no way to build a house, or any way to fix one.

Home Gnome has seen houses that don’t fit anywhere, houses with layers of do-it-yourself history. From

Every home has a story, just like you do. If the walls could talk, what would they say? Events have transpired within every house and Home Gnome can tell that story…

At Home Gnome, my background in architecture and construction management gives me a knack for noticing the details that often get overlooked.

If you have an eye for clean architecture and classic design, so does Home Gnome. You may be a perfect match when you find your next home and need a thorough inspection.

Once you pass the Home Gnome inspection and close on your new home, you move in. How do you organize your stuff? What goes and what stays? It’s easy to pack everything into a box and ship it, but why?

House In Balance has the answer. We like what we like because of the relationship we’ve built with it. Some relationships are better than others, but when it comes to OUR stuff, it’s all good. Except when it’s not. And you can’t let it go.

Naomi Fast, MA, can help:

If you’ve experienced a life transition and know your home is no longer set up to support you – but you can’t put your finger on what needs to change, and you’d like non-judgmental and insightful advice – contact Naomi. You deserve to live in a space designed to support you!

There’s not a baby boomer breathing that hasn’t had a transition that resulted in more stuff they want to keep. Let it go boomer, and if you can’t, call Naomi.

After you’ve created more space, take a good look around. If it feels empty, it makes you feel empty. You want art, but what kind of art. Where do you find it? Take a good look at Heidi McBride, Art Matchmaking and Direction.

Her work and ideas cover Portland and beyond. Some things are better left for professionals. Why not reach for a better vision?

“We also help individuals choose & integrate original art in their own personal work or living environments. During a personalized discovery process, we work together to select art that not only fits your space, but resonates on an emotional level.

“Think you and your partner will never agree on the same piece of art? Have a wall you have been looking to fill for years, but never found the right one? We take this as a personal challenge.”

It’s still all about you, just a better you.

Listening to these dynamic women explain their work, their process, encourages action. Their contagious enthusiasm is the power that moves. It’ll move your house ideas, your clutter, and the barren walls surrounding us.

These three women change lives. If you see changes coming up, or need changes, start with them.


















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