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portland of the south

Knoxville skyline with the Sunsphere. Image via

From Portland to the Portland of the South starting in Knoxville.

The true Portland of the South, according to local legend, is Asheville, North Carolina.

After the cluster flop in the United terminal in Denver, going back to Portland would have been a good move, but intrepid travelers push on.

Asheville is two hours away, which is what a young woman said after explaining Knoxville beer.

Apparently Asheville is a brewing town, so it’s got that, which is enough. Good beer usually means more goodies.

The right attitude on the road is huge, so don’t expect any complaints about ninety degree heat and eighty percent humidity.

Besides, a heat rash is not the worst thing to wear.

Bringing the funk to the Portland of the South today. After a pint of Tennessee Red yesterday raised the bar of expectations, I’m so excited.

And just can’t hide it. Maybe it’s those walking shoes?

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