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Portland Oregon Baby Boomer Dating Welcomes General Patraeus

When it’s time for the general’s dating victory march, take it right up Broadway

Service to Portland Oregon baby boomers in the dating game just got complicated.

After General David Patraeus signs his papers and gets cut lose from his former life, where will he land?

As weird as the story about he and his biographer/girlfriend gets, there’s only one place right for him. The former CIA Director will do his part to Keep Portland Weird.

He will fit right in once he moth balls his medals.

If you google Portland Oregon baby boomer dating, you’ll see an enticing pattern.

  • tops the search. It’s perfect for Patraeus with an older man and younger-looking woman in the header above an image of Uncle Sam with rolled up sleeves.

These guys are right up front with their goals, which is more than the general was with his wife. They ask that you become a member or partner. It’s an easy move for a general whose membering and partnering got him into trouble.

“The mission of BabyBoomerGold is to protect and preserve the values of and ensure the continuation of benefits due the baby boomer generation in America.”

Promises of “unlimited member benefits” sounds like the right move for this military man. Now he can ditch the facade of ‘my biographer’ and get busy commanding an army of Portland women seeking a strong man.

I know what you’re thinking. General Patraeus might be a baby boomer, but Paula Broadwell is not. Don’t think she’s the first married forty year old mom who wants to spice up her life by dating a prince with a PhD. As long as they understand the risks of a late pregnancy that may deliver a baby looking like Opie from the Andy Griffith Show, they’re all in.

From the ad image, babyboomerpeoplemeet is all about tooth whitener and hair coloring. General Patraeus is all in on that, too.

Portland Oregon baby boomers want to broaden the field of battle when General Dave moves to town. This experienced mentoring machine needs to enjoy the fruit of his labors.

35 and Up is not baby boomer territory, but it works for the new gun in town. Paula Broadwell is forty, Jill Kelly thirty eight, so 35 and Up is not too young.

Besides, the Pearl District is a beautiful part of Portland. It feels like a city neighborhood instead of a suburban maze where you walk in circles. You won’t get lost there, or with a match maker with “8 years of experience in the dating industry locally and all over the United States.”

Boomerpdx Lesson: National disgrace over a love affair is no reason to find a hole and crawl in. Don’t be a quitter.

Better Boomer says, you may not be able to go home again if you believe Thomas Wolfe, but Portland Oregon baby boomer dating waits with open arms and an extended time frame for boomers to include a younger demographic for dating people your kids’ age.










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