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blame donald trump


Who is the biggest target of scorn in the presidential primaries? Donald Trump, and he doesn’t deserve it.

The Don called someone a pussy and the media flipped out.

He flipped the bird and the media flipped out.

They say he’s coarsening public debate, dragging formal discourse into the gutter with his swearing.

This guy gets all the hear, but he’s not alone.

President Nixon swore like a sailor, but he was a Navy man. It was expected.

If all the presidents recorded conversations like Nixon did, we’d probably find lots of colorful language.

No one says the eighteen minute gap in the Watergate tapes erased a tourettes attack, but we’ll never know.

Instead of bashing Trump over his language and gestures, why not let the eagle fly? Don’t blame Donald Trump for carrying a heavy load of tradition.

Don’t blame Donald Trump for his bird unless you want to spread it around.

blame donald trump


This is Nelson Rockefeller, a member of one of the richest families in America.

His grandpa was Standard Oil, a man so rich he tossed dimes around like they were quarters.

Nelly didn’t learn his sign language at Dartmouth, but he was one of the guys and flew his bird to show solidarity.

Blame Donald Trump for being a lady’s man, but the Rock was no slouch.

Though he wasn’t a president, he was Vice President, and he stayed busy until the end.

RR and his high flying bird? Don’t blame Donald Trump.

blame donald trump


Some people know how to flip the bird. Some don’t.

Ronald Reagan’s joy is unmistakable. Nothing says “Shove It” like an old man wearing a suit and a smirk.

It made him lovable. Cute.

He probably had good reason’s to flip his bird.

Maybe he thought of Frank Sinatra dancing with Nancy? His son’s ballet teacher?

If anyone could fly the bird, it was The Gipper.

George Bush and birds of a feather.

blame donald trump

bush bird via

The other guys just flipped the bird, President Bush did it carrying his dog.

Don’t do that to dogs. Besides, Mr. Bush looks fighting mad. Dogs can feel things.

When you hear of the demise of the Republican Party and want to blame Donald Trump, remember family tradition.

Read his finger.

And do it with joy, not anger. No matter what else, it’s only a finger. If you’re an old mush bag of flesh, don’t pretend you’re about to punch someone in the face.

Fly the bird and laugh.

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