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Check your class schedule for Professor Putin in the PE Department.

If you’ve ever met Russians, and I have, then you know they are not all fans of Professor Putin.

Like Americans, Russians live within the laws and customs of their land, and their leader.

They live with their history, we live with ours.

Everyone strives for a better life in both countries.

Sometimes it gets sloppy, but only one tries to clean things up.

Hint #1: It’s not Russia.

Hint #2: It doesn’t always make things better.

Without sounding like a croaking Henry Kissinger, political mastermind famous for dating beautiful women while orchestrating the Nixon administration, the RED threat from Russia is BIGGER than ever.

Keep in mind not all Russians are Reds. The culture before communism didn’t disappear. Don’t ignore longevity when it starts in 862.

Just like America has it’s Voices of the People, thank you, so does Russia. And those voices reflect more than a short span of two hundred and forty years.

But still, we all thank America for 240 good ones.

If Professor Putin is any indicator, the next 240 years will be different than the last.

Look at the top image again. That’s the same look he gave Obama the last time they met.

Call it the Stink Eye, Killer Eye, or the window of a soul dating to a time ruled by Princes, Grand Princes, Grand Dukes, Tsars, Romanovs, Emperors, Chairmen of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Russian SFSR (Lenin), General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Stalin), among other titles.

All we’ve got is President of the United States for two hundred and forty years?

Following Professor Putin and his logical lesson plan, we need more dignified names for our great leader.

Before calling blogger bullshit on another crock pot of fake news, consider the jobs Professor Putin has held to get where he’s headed, which is in the classroom teaching real world suffering to President-elect Donald Trump.

1975-1991, KGB, Lt. Col.

The KGB to President ‘In-Between Years’ from wiki:

Professor Putin in Saint Petersburg administration, 1990–1996, during the fall of the USSR

In May 1990, Putin was appointed as an advisor on international affairs to Mayor Sobchak. On 28 June 1991, he became head of the Committee for External Relations of the Saint Petersburg Mayor’s Office, with responsibility for promoting international relations and foreign investments and registering business ventures. Within a year, Putin was investigated by the city legislative council led by Marina Salye. It was concluded that he had understated prices and permitted the export of metals valued at $93 million in exchange for foreign food aid that never arrived. Despite the investigators’ recommendation that Putin be fired, Putin remained head of the Committee for External Relations until 1996. From 1994 to 1996, he held several other political and governmental positions in Saint Petersburg.

In March 1994, Putin was appointed as First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Saint Petersburg. In May 1995, he organized the Saint Petersburg branch of the pro-government Our Home Is Russia political party, the liberal party of power founded by Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin. In 1995, he managed the legislative election campaign for that party, and from 1995 through June 1997, he was leader of its Saint Petersburg branch.

Professor Putin Resume between 1998 and 2016:

Director of the Federal Security Service, Secretary of the Security Council, Leader of United Russia, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Union State, Prime Minister of Russia, 2nd and 4th President of Russia.

Safe to say Professor Putin knows where the bodies of international diplomacy are hidden; he’s dropped a few there himself.

Cuddling up with Putin has consequences when the love dies. You might die, too, like Alexander Litvinenko.

“The victim: an outspoken Kremlin critic who had defected to Britain, joined the payroll of British intelligence and accused Putin of vices­ including corruption and pedophilia. The killers: a pair of assassins who, the report found, were almost certainly acting on orders from the Russian spy service, the FSB, and who left a trail of radioactive evidence strewn across London. The weapons of choice: one teacup and one massive dose of a rare nuclear isotope, polonium.”

Professor Putin comes from a place where disappearing, where a state sanctioned bullet in the brain pan isn’t cruel and unusual punishment, and where execution by nuclear poison are all viable options in his work space.

Wouldn’t it be worth going to intelligence briefings just for the confidence booster that everyone is on the same page, Mr. Trump?

If you’re a fly, and a spider invites you to take a break on the web? Don’t do it.

And if Professor Putin invites you to his dojo? You’re gonna get your ass kicked.

All part of the Putin Plan.

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