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Young Soldiers And Old Depend On The Good Work Of The VA

Young Soldiers And Old Depend On The Good Work Of The VA

Portland, Oregon’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center list jobs on

The stated goal on is “Working For America.”

Abraham Lincoln drives the point further with this quote: “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan.”

President Lincoln knew how to coin a phrase with the best of them. The goal and quote tell the right story.

None of the sixteen jobs listed include Scheduling Manipulator, so what’s the problem with the Portland VA? It’s not the doctors, is it?

If you asked all 849 of the care providers, you’d probably get 849 different answers.

Which answer would satisfy Bob Collins, Creative Director for Talking Parrot Productions? Hard to say, but he’s working on a documentary to find out.

This is a man used to finding the best answers, best solutions, to problems.

With work appearing on a client list including Time Magazine, Life, and GQ nationally, along with local companies like Sokol Blosser Wines, Portland Brewing, Inn At The 7th Mountain, and many more, he knows how to find answers.

Remember What They Did Before The Cloud Of War Clears.

Remember What They Did Before The Cloud Of War Clears.

A baby boomer military veteran troubled by the recent news about the VA, Mr. Collins will do what he does best.

He plans on creating a documentary to answer one question: What happened?

With work appearing on two hundred seventy magazine covers, along with 1500 publications worldwide, the man knows something about finding answers and solving problems.

The VA scandal didn’t happen overnight and once it’s settled there won’t be a face to point to as the one responsible, though former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki might disagree.

General Shinseki didn’t start the fire burning in the VA, but he smelled the smoke before resigning.

PROTOCOL is the working title of the VA documentary at Talking Parrot Productions.

In a move to leave no stone unturned, Mr. Collins reached out to major players asking the same question he asks.

You can do the same.

As Years Pass, Remember The Hard Jobs  In The Military. Not Everyone Comes Out 100%.

As Years Pass, Remember The Hard Jobs In The Military. Not Everyone Comes Out 100%.

Ask what happened. Ask about their solutions.

Email former Senator John Glenn: contact info via Kathy Dancey,, 614-212-8890.

Senator Jeff Merkley: 202-224-3753,

Senator Ron Wyden: 202-224-5244,

Senator John McCain: 202-224-2235,

The highlighted names are their websites where you can see their stance on the VA issue and twitter addresses.

Protocol is also the word used when other treatment methods fail. As long as care providers in any VA capacity follow protocol, they’re covered.


“At Portland, we strive to hire only the best! Working with and for America’s veterans is a privilege, and we pride ourselves on the quality of care we provide. If you have what it takes, please consider applying for one of our available positions.”

Keep this quote in mind when you read about the position Veterans find themselves in with the VA. One story appeared on the Oregonian’s front page today.

The documentary PROTOCOL strives to bring their stories into a brighter light.

Bob Collins estimates a budget of $30,000 to bring his film to the public. He needs funding help to realize this important task.

I met Bob today. He’s locked and loaded to move forward with your help.

Is he the right man for the job? Here’s a resounding YES to that question.

With seasoned skills and an expert camera eye, Bob and his crew of military veterans will answer questions not asked with the release of PROTOCOL.

Please contact Bob Collins, Director of Photography, 505-591-8327,

Don’t Let Our Guys Fade Away In Front Of Our Eyes.

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  1. Awesome article, thanks David!!!!!!!!

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Taking care of business, every day. Thanks Tom. The tide’s changing.

  2. David Gillaspie says:

    via Bob Collins:
    Cudos to the men and women who have fought and laid down their lives to defend our nation as an institution. I am quite surprised in lieu of my film Protocol a veterans account of our military medical facilities many run by interns. That no one has come fourth with an experience of their or a loved ones in support of such a film???.

    It took many many lives to make this great nation what it is…now its time for the forces to come forward, in support of better health care. Anyone able to help contribute a story or help us get the seed money for this story that needs to be told please contact the senators, and myself directly. BC

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who wants to join the effort to get PROTOCOL moving forward. Think of who you know if it’s not you and forward the link to this post, or Bob’s email:

      I’m anxious to post on the progress, so make the call, please.

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