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Pulling Shwood In Portland



You’ve met wood-guy.

Maybe you are that guy.

He’s the one who took rough cut oak stickers and milled them down on his garage table saw.

He reclaimed wood once used to separate loads on rail cars to make a queen sized oak bed frame.

When he put the mattress on the frame the joints broke and a queens sized frame turned into four foot stools in revenge.

That’s one kind of wood working.

The other way is matching the right wood with the right technology and the right project. For example:

Have you seen a pair of Shwood shades?

They’re an unexpected vision.

Instead of the usual wrap-arounds off the Wal-Mart rack, Swood takes sunglasses where they’ve never been. In wood.

Maybe you’ve seen it all in Statement sunglasses. You’ve seen movie stars dashing around Cannes, iconic images of Jackie O, and decided there’s nothing new under the sun.

And you’d be wrong. From

“Our selection of woods are all sustainably-harvested from authorized and supervised plantations across the globe. Only the most premium grade lumber is hand-selected to ensure rich tones and attractive grain patterns.”

How good is Shwood?

Right now they’re advertising for a mechanical engineer to join the team, not a wood butcher. They have sunglasses in over fifty stores across the country. If you find the perfect pair at the Lizard Lounge and lose them in New York, you’ll find replacements.

How good is Shwood? They’ve teamed up with Bushmills to make whiskey barrel frames. Does that mean they could make frames out of local wine barrels, or wooden block planes that came across the Oregon Trail in the family wagon?

These are Oregon wood guys. They could make frames from anything with a grain.

What do you say the next time you’re in Mario’s and someone asks if you’d like to see the most beautiful sunglasses made?

“Would I? Would I?”

Yes, you would.








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