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What do you think when you read about sedentary middle-age women maxing their endurance levels by washing dishes or cooking a meal?

If you think, “Add a load of laundry” slap yourself.

If you think, “Vacuum the cat hair off your furniture while you’re at it” you may be part of the problem.

The aging process is not exclusive. The alternative to growing old evens the playing field for everyone, and you’ve seen that playing field.

It’s called a cemetery.

Besides, take a look around and you’ll notice that older people start looking alike. Except the men look older than the women.

Part of the research for this post was a visit to a retirement living development.

Who shows up for gym class regularly? The women.

The men stay in their apartments watching TV while the ladies hit the studio for dance and stretching exercise.


Maybe the men think the workouts they did in the 1950’s have a long shelf life, but it’s not true.

The smart bet for Portland Baby Boomers is to follow the ladies’ lead. Do what they do. You’ll have more fun.

Otherwise you’ll be stuck reading about ventilatory threshold from The National Center for Biotechnology Information.

What would you rather do, a Zumba class or more research by Professor Panteleimon Ekkekakis of Iowa State on psychophysiology of exercise?

24 Hour Fitness says Zumba.

What sounds better, water aerobics or a lecture by Dr. Dominic Micklewright, a researcher and curriculum director at the Centre for Sports & Exercise Science at the University of Essex in the U.K.?

Put on the tea pot.

While they’re doing important work, your clock is still ticking slower and slower.

Before moving on, go back to the idea of washing dishes as a workout. KP in the Army is a definite workout. You’re stuck in a hot kitchen scrubbing vats with burned on food residue. You’ll be lucky if a heat rash is all you leave with.

Rinsing a casserole dish at home isn’t the same, but if that taxes your endurance, make it part of the drill.

Cooking is a workout if you do it right. You’re reaching and bending and turning throughout the process until it’s served. Then there’s the clean-up.

Boiling water for a plastic food bag isn’t a workout, but it’s a start.

Why don’t more baby boomers start exercising? Dr. Joseph McFarland made the call: Excuses.

From the Thindex Lodge Blog: “Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.

That house will fall on your head as sure as your health will crash without regular exercise.

Make a change today. Take a small step in the right direction.

Once you start feeling better, you’ll want to look better. Dr. Elaine Gillaspie can help.












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