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Pushing The Brand, Pushing The Baby Boomer, And The N-word


Once you decide your business direction, and the name you want to carry, how do you move forward?

Experts say to engage with your audience, your clients.

Do that and risk getting tagged with the N-word.

You’re a narcissist is you make it all about you. But it is all about you, right? It’s your idea, your business, your future.

But if you make it all about you, what’s left for others?

Writing teachers say, “No tears for the writer, no tears for the reader.”

What they don’t say is how to bridge the gap between them.

One way not to do it is turn into a crybaby.

At a bookstore reading, the author became so emotionally engaged with their own word that they sobbed through the event.

One person in the audience, maybe more, wished they could understand what was happening. It felt like an encounter meeting where the author got it out, leaving the audience on their own.

Afterward, another author said the key is getting the audience to feel the emotions on their own, not showing them how to feel.

Is it different in the business world? Take your car in for work and you expect the mechanic to work on it, not theirs.

Go to a clothing store and you try on the clothes, not the salesperson.

In your business, people want to know why they should buy what you offer. The successful operator doesn’t say, “Just write a check and leave. Thank-you.”

Instead, they give you reasons why you need what they offer.

It’s better than similar goods and services? Your drapes hold their color and shape.

It’s got a variety of applications? The multi-tool opens every can, turns every screw, clamps every hose? Beautiful.

Or you bring out the golden rule: Do onto others as you’d have them do onto you. You don’t lie, hedge, or hide. You don’t use fear, ignorance, or change the truth so you can feel better about yourself.

Call it trust. If people trust you first, then they’ll listen, then they’ll make a decision. Self promotion isn’t a bad word if you come from a good place.

At first you’re a stranger, a nobody knocking on the digital door for likes, for hits, for traction. Do it right and it’s not about you, it’ll just feel that way. It doesn’t make you a narcissist by using yourself as your own best example.

If you’re friendly and approachable, use it. You’ll be noticed if you show your best side.

It takes practice.



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