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Go More Than Halfway

It wouldn't be Father's Day without the crew. From younger days.

It wouldn’t be Father’s Day without the crew. From younger days.

Talking to my boomer friends reveals a divide between those who use social media and those who don’t.

One of my besties said he’d have no relationship with his kids if he hadn’t learned to text on his smart phone.

Another said he wasn’t caving to the trend. He wanted a phone call, not a text, email, or skype.

Who can blame them? When our own kids delegate us to a contact list instead of pedestal, we get down.

Imagine how older people feel when they reach what feels like anonymous status?

Who’s there to help them get over a new sense of isolation?

Raise you hand, boomer. It’s you.

Learn what you can do in a column I wrote for the Oregonian.

They were good enough to post it. I hope readers will act on it.

Happy Father’s Day big daddies.



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