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REI – 24hr – New Seasons: The Triple Crown

Eat, Lift, Hike, but first we eat. Cooked with Elaine’s Famous BBQ Sauce.

Discreet shelf top lighting once showed the goods on drug store aisles. This was before the modern installation of overhead search light bulbs.

Food aisles at the SW Barrows Road New Seasons feels the same as old school drug stores. Shelf lighting instead of sun lamps. Comfort food from comforting shelves. Ahhhhh.

What is New Seasons trying to do, turn you into a pharmacist? In a word, yes, and none too soon. But you’re more than a pharmacist, you are a compounding pharmacists who create their own potions/smoothies.

A pinch of this, a dash of that, and plenty of greens. It seems so healthy because it is so healthy. Food, the best medicine.

To drive the point further, more than a few New Seasons customers were familiar faces from Murray 24Hr Fitness. If you go to a gym at the same time for a week you’ll find regulars. They are people on schedules doing the sort of exercise you say you did.

They take their health seriously by combining advanced work-outs with nutritional awareness.

Yes, they are boomers. Call them Better Boomer candidates for the Tripe Crown.

  • They understand the science of food and New Seasons’ illuminating reminder.
  • They understand fitness science and use gym membership to stretch the boundaries.

The final test happens at REI.

A Saturday’s 24HR/New Seasons count was ten in less than an hour’s shopping.

Do the same customers make REI a regular stop? Do you?

What’s the count for the 24HR/New Seasons/REI Triple Crown Club? Saturday is the used gear sale at Tualatin’s REI.

…to be continued…

Boomerpdx Lesson: If the right workout increases your mental acuity, doing less won’t make you stupid. Why not take a walk?

Better Boomer says, smart food makes smart people smarter. When’s lunch?

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  1. proximity proximity proximity

    • David Gillaspie says:

      It’s all so close, yet far away, like the Dire Straits song.

      I left the gym on Murray, then a stop at New Seasons later for the fixin’s to make dinner for eight. So many gym folks there we could have flash mobbed.

      The question is who hits the gym, the store, and REI the same day?

      I’m headed for all tomorrow for a head count and follow up post. One Triple Crown in the bag.

      Who else will rule? Honor system in play.

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