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Once upon a time buying Portland drugs was a bag of Goose Hollow trash weed.

Like all good historians, BoomerPdx requires first hand experience and historical relevance.

Call it life. Interviews make a difference. So does immersion.

When that life hooks into hardcore drug addiction, it’s a life gone wrong.

If it leads to cultural history, it gets blogged.

Portland has history to spare, but some of it never sees the light.

In the early days of bank ATM’s the quick cash button was twenty bucks.

In the early 1980’s an eighth of Goose Hollow was twenty bucks.


A few years later the quick cash button hit $40.

So did the Goose Hollow trash weed. Except it wasn’t trash.

Somewhere between $20 and $40, 1984-86, the skunk showed up.

You could smell it two blocks off the Portland State campus.

If you didn’t smell it you walked over to Goose Hollow and waited your turn.

Scoring Portland drugs couldn’t be easier.

If the drug was mary jane.

Today you might find a drive up weed window; back then weed promised a jail window. Or worse.

Imagine a weed stop in a house full of wholesale dealers sitting around a table breaking it down.

Just a weed stop with a buddy. Not some cartel deal, just a forty dollar weed stop on the way to somewhere else.

Except the guys at the table had that hardcore edge.

Once inside there was the unexpected knocked on the door.

One of the guys said, “I didn’t tell you, so now you know. If that’s Frankie, we’ve got to kill him.”

“Yeah, drown him in the toilet and take him out the back,” said another guy.

Just another day?

In this room two things happen. You either stay, or leave. And you’re not leaving.

It’s not Frankie. Everybody laughs. You tack on what you hope is a ‘yep, there you go’ expression.

A Lazy Susan of white lines spin in the table center.

You pinch you nose with what you hope is an expression of ‘I’ve got a huge sinus infection.’

Sniffers know the sign.

No one wants to be in that room, but if you are, look for a quick exit. How does that happen?

Make eye contact with your buddy. Do the head swing, but not too obvious.

Just remember, you’re the only one who doesn’t belong there, so move slow.

Portland might be so many good things to positive people, but the dark side is as dark as the inside of a back alley dumpster at midnight. Which is where you might be found if you’re not alert.

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