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The blogger writing about their feelings on a free wordpress dot com blog is different than the one writing about their feelings on a self-hosted blog.

The first one works at ‘getting it out there.’

The second one does the same, then schemes on how to get it further out there.

That’s when the fun begins.

How do you get your posts further out there? And where is ‘out there?’

If google wanted you to know, they’d post the exact criteria their spiders look for when they crawl sites.

They’d update the criteria after each google panda and google penguin search shift, but that doesn’t happen.

Instead, you’re left to the mercy of SEO Experts.

Here’s a question for Portland baby boomers in particular, and baby boomers in general: How can you tell the difference between experts and those who fly by the seat of their pants?

They ought to know the best length for a Custom Document Title, or at least know something of that name exists and what it does.

They ought to know the optimal length of a Page Meta Description.

They ought to be able to explain some code talk in a way you can understand.

  • Case Study #1

A group of ten gathers to support a cause. They schedule meetings and create a web site to promote their cause.

Someone in the group knows someone who knows how to set up a facebook page. Someone else sets up a twitter account.

The leaders of the group see the results and come away happy.

These are steps in the right direction, but when the house is on fire do you want a cup of water or the biggest fire hose available?

The fire hose approach creates facebook and twitter accounts for all ten group members to post on. The website has a membership element for all ten members to post on, and use post excerpts for facebook and twitter.

All ten members create a Google+ page for themselves where they post excerpts from their shared blog. Then they create specific Google+ pages for subjects related to the initial cause and post more excerpts there.

In other words, write once and break it into compelling chunks to spread on the web platforms mentioned. Instead of one voice saying one thing once, you have ten voices saying related things four different places. Google rewards the squeaky wheel with better search results and more readers.

Will this practice land your key words on google’s front page? Probably.

Will this create a thematic funnel aimed toward your web site and your cause? Yes.

Will you do Search Engine Optimization? Post comments below.




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