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Keeping Abreast Of Portland Baby Boomer Dating

Portland’s Hottest Single Lady Reaching Out

Since boomerpdx is all about helping the other guy, or gal, let’s go.

First, get the lay of the Portland boomer landscape by googling Portland Oregon Baby Boomers.

Sound right to you?

Page one shows Baby Boomers Social Club in the top three slots. Hit the link, then refresh, and see who’s looking for who.

For a more revealing look behind the boomer curtain, click links.

The modern boomer, like everyone else on a social site, would like a little company.

After that, they’d like remodeling ideas, construction help, and commercial water treatment.

Yes, boomer is getting older and letting go, but not from the important things. Fun, good housing, and good water still matter.

And they still make the call when they feel like a change.

With a dating site called “The Cadillac of dating websites…” Baby Boomers Social Club shares inspiration with boomerpdx.

We both agree that a dancing boomer is forever young, like Rod Stewart reminds us by singing Dylan.

Get up and shake it, just don’t break it. Lol.

The number four slot shows Baby Boomer Meet Ups. You’ll find links for a women’s boomer group looking for more than a high school flashback. Remember the girls maturing faster than the guys?

Somehow it reverses with age and men look older than the women. One looks golden and vital, the other more silver and burnished.

It might not be fair, but who said that was part of the deal?

For a boomer travel meet up, you’ve found the right place. No jungle hammocks, igloos, or all night boozing?

Instead, it’s “fly in a private charter airplane to an Exotic Island where you can swim with dolphins or stingrays, snorkel the coral reefs, scuba dive in the deep sea, jet ski in the bay, party and dance the night away, go sailing, kayaking, zipline through a rain forest.”

A show of hands for anyone ready for that. Mine’s up. Go, boomer, go.

The final page on this installment of Service To Portland Baby Boomers is 50 plus Northwest. You’ll see a top ad running for Singles Events – Portland.

They organize events that sound challenging, which is key to better boomers everywhere. Who’s up for “river rafting, hiking, gallery walks, poker tourneys, cooking classes, dance lessons, and anything else fun and intriguing.”


BoomerPDX Lesson: Don’t wait until you’re single. Choose an event or activity and step out. Your spouse will be shocked at your initiative.

Better Boomer says open your arms to new experience and old. You can carry that load.




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