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Six Hits To A Better Blog



Two iron-clad rules of Show Business:

The Show must go on and Give The People what they want.

Lets agree that any time spent reading a blog is part show business.

The writing instructor’s iron-clad rule to Show, Don’t Tell, sounds show business-y enough.

Bloggers on the WordPress platform have an advantage in giving The People what they want.

The Dashboard, also called the back office or behind the curtain, shows a graph for traffic.

It also contains a field for search engine terms readers used to find you. This is blog traffic research gold.

Dig in deeper with summaries of the week, month, quarter, year, and all time. What are you looking for?

As a blogger you constantly wonder if you’re reaching your audience, the target audience. As a baby boomer blogger the audience is everyone born between 1946-64, along with their parents and kids who don’t understand them.

Boomerpdx aims for middle boomers, a narrow niche born from 1952-58. They’re the primary audience with everyone else on the bandwagon. Need I say,  “The More The Merrier?”

Summarized search engine terms tell if you’re hitting your audience. They also tell who you are in the blogosphere.

Who are you? Who who? Who who?

Instead of channeling your inner-Roger Daltrey for the answer, check your search engine terms.

Last week readers found Boomer NW with “grateful dead show, baby boomers pdx, great gatsby ptsd, home built bronze smelter, гитлер плачет -картинки, and baby boomer marriage.”

Boomerpdx didn’t show up in the first ten pages of google for grateful dead show. Only persistent readers track into the next ten pages.

Baby boomers pdx shows better with three vague entries on google’s first page. This still breaks the stranglehold of babyboomerssocial

Google lists great gatsby ptsd as #1 on the first page of this search. Which algorithm to blame for this?

Was it penguin that directed home built bronze smelter traffic? This term doesn’t show up on the first ten pages like grateful dead show. Unlike the many posts for The Dead on a boomerpdx site search, home built bronze smelter doesn’t show at all. Maybe it missed this link?

Has anyone figured out гитлер плачет -картинки? Is it Russian? All google pages are in the same language. An image search brings up too many pictures of Hitler. This is never good.

Baby boomer marriage pops up on google’s front page as a Google+ post, so social media is getting stronger for this term. The on-site search lists many posts.

The conclusions of this link-bait exercise are obvious?

Boomer NW readers love The Great Gatsby and go to great lengths to read about a Dead show, or at least as far as double digit google pages.

Readers want to know about Portland baby boomers and the state of baby boomer marriage. They believe in boomer love.

Any ideas about гитлер плачет -картинки would be helpful. It doesn’t seem part of the boomer fabric.

What ever you blog about, check search engine terms and run the same searches on both google and your blog search box.

The results explain more than you’ll understand, but you’ll like the parts that matter most.

Do this and you’ll start posting great Google SEO articles.













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  1. I can’t solve the mystery of why it’s in your analytics, but the Russian (it is indeed Russian) means “Hitler crying -pictures.” The negative sign operator in a query tells Google to exclude results with that word… so for whatever reason, Google thought you were relevant for people looking for Hitler crying who also wanted the word “pictures” excluded… evidently quite a literate group, in any case.

    Great take on the Great Gatsby, by the way… you’ll see one more visit for that now in your analytics 🙂

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Thank you David, you translator you. I was looking at images associated with the Russian words and thinking “Is this a sad phrase about missing the chance to capture the big Nazi, stuffing him, and putting him on display like Lenin?”

      Looking forward to your site moving forward.

      You are a good member of Boomer NW.

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