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Anything is possible when you Steph Your Game Up.

Step back a moment and consider the history of the long range bomber in basketball.

Baby boomers had Pistol Pete Maravich in his baggy gray socks launching forty footers.

They went in often enough for Pete to avoid the tag of, “afraid of the paint,” which is the same as a football receiver tagged afraid to go across the middle.

Both places are scary to visit.

If you can score without the hits and chops of bigger, slower, players, why not?

The NBA has a history of long ball gunners, but never one like Steph Curry.

And the legend is growing beyond the game.

Back when Michael Jordan played must-see basketball as the greatest player to lace up a pair of Jordans, we watched to see his frightening efficiency.

The double 3-peats he racked up might have been eight in a row but for the two year baseball vacation in between where Houston went back to back.

Eight or nine in a row drifts into Boston Celtics territory and Bill Russell teams.

Jordan’s temperament seemed violent, his intentions heartless. He didn’t look like he needed a cuddle, even in his flu game against the Jazz.

And it made us like him even more. The guy was a hard case.

Greatness has many measures if you Steph your game up. steph-curry


With one title, one MVP, and a game that’s only getting better, one man shows how to Steph your game up.

His recent NBA shredding run includes Cleveland, Chicago, and last night’s San Antonio Spurs with the second best record.

How is Steph Curry’s game improving? His defense, ball hawking skills, court vision, and stamina.

The best time to show defense is against the best defensive team.

When Curry spun Defensive Player of the Year Kawhi Leonard like he was a D-League washout, it was a Steph your game up moment.

Who does that? Who disrupts great ball handlers like Tony Parker?

We are watching a player with an instinct for the game, like Meadowlark Lemon and the Harlem Globetrotters showed against the Washington Generals, except this is real.

The Warriors spread the goo you get with thirty point wins all over the top NBA teams in one week.

What do you say to the Bulls, Cavs, and Spurs after such conclusive stomp downs?

Steph your game up Jimmy Butler.

Steph your game up LeBron. Tony Parker, Steph your game up.

Watching the Portland Trail Blazers send Kobe away for the last time showed Damian Lillard in fine form.

Did someone tell him to Steph your game up? That’s what it looked like.

Portland’s got their own Curry when Lillard’s in the kitchen.

What does it mean to Steph your game up? Do something other players don’t do.

Curry does it on and off the court.

There’s a new game in town when two of the most high profile players in the NBA and NFL take a pass on Nike and Adidas for Under Armour.

Steph up your game, Cam Newton.

the shoe game dot com


From Monday Morning Quarterback:

“I was always a fan of him,” Newton says when recalling the chance to bring Curry aboard. “He’s not big. He’s not tall. He’s not the guy that’s going to make that amazing dunk. You know he works on his skill. That’s a character that’s just America, that blue-collar person that works on each and every part of his game.”


Putting Curry and Newton under the same brand helped solidify their connection—and it has also made for a landmark year in the company’s history. On the day that Curry extended his agreement this fall, Under Armour stock was at an alltime high, thanks to a reported 40% rise in footwear sales the previous quarter. “I wake up every day and kind of pinch myself,” says Kris Stone, Under Armour’s Director of Pro Basketball Sports Marketing. “If you don’t, then you’re not human. It’s an amazing moment for the brand and for those two. They have a really good relationship.” During the NBA Finals, when it was time to release a new low-cut version of the Curry 1, the kicks weren’t Warriors royal and gold. They were Panther blue.

Steph your game up with Curry, Cam Newton, and Under Armour?
It’s got a nice ring to it.


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