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Sutton Sorensen Rides

From Kung Fu Bakery To Nashville

photo[1]Do you have friends online?

Subscribe to their blogs?

Listen to their Sound Cloud?

Or you say you do then delete the email on delivery.

Who would know if you read and listened to everything, or not?

At least you subscribed and made that effort.

But what do you do when you actually read, or you do listen, and the hair on your arm stands up over a new crop of goose bumps?

When that happens you need to share it, you need to see if your reaction is different from anyone else’s.

Maybe it’s the boomer era songs, of the retro baby boomer feel, but Sutton Sorensen’s latest is coming out and she sent a few songs ahead of it this morning. Hit the sound cloud for a listen.

Now, if you get an allergic reaction, or shortness of breath, relax. It’s normal.

That’s what happens when an honest voice comes out of your speakers or headphones.

That her sound on these tracks come from the studios of Kung Fu Bakery here in Portland is a heads-up for musicians and performance artists.

Can you say clean sound?

Sutton Sorensen and Kung Fu Bakery, you can smell what’s cooking and you want some more. Every NW Boomer does.

It’s on the way.








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