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Baby Boomer Travel, pt 1

Plan Ahead Or Suffer. Once you step out your front door the machinery kicks into gear. It’s either too late to change plans, or you don’t want to be the one changing. Be a good sport. Baby boomers know how to be good sports. We also know how to whine so don’t be alarmed when […]

Baby Boomer Travel

or, How To Get Out Of The House And Not Go Crazy You’ve got a check-list and you see a few boxes that need marks. Go to college and get a degree? Check. Pay off student loans? Check. Get married and have kids? Check and check/check. Get divorced? No check. Run a marathon? Check. Run […]

King Arthur, The Baby Boomer’s Friend In Need

If reading tales of kings and queens encourage a child’s imagination, dragging them up the treacherous goat trails of Tintagel Castle┬ámakes it real. Who does that? Baby Boomers seeking greater cultural meaning. King Arthur is a good one to focus on. You know the story well enough to sound like an authority. Sword in the […]