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Since we’re getting old enough to be historic figures, why not step into their shoes? Start with Johnny Mac, Dr. John McLoughlin, Father of Oregon. This is the face that greeted worn out pioneers at the end of the Oregon Trail. Gleaming eyes and white eagle hair, but it’s the brow that’s so amazing. The […]

Boomers Know Portland?

How To Tell If Someone Just Showed Up You’ve been in the group where one person explains Portland from the ground up. Everyone listens while they down HUB beer. They tell historical stories like an OPB documentary. You’re impressed until you find out they moved here six months ago. Still, give them credit for trying […]


WHERE SPORTS AND ACADEMICS MEET IN HARMONY When you join a local gym in Oregon, the first thing you notice are shirts and sweats bearing college names. There’s always a USC t-shirt,¬†or Husky hoodie, besides every variation on Oregon Duck gear and Oregon State Beaver¬†status symbols. How come no one challenges the other-than-Oregon sports fan […]