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literary swag? BOOK PICTURES WORTH ONE THOUSAND WORDS? #literaryswag

    Selfies with a book? Had me at selfie.   Then book. Literary swag? Not so much, but it sounds like it could be big, like the cover of the New Yorker showing a reader with a book lit by their smart phone.   Nerd cartoon perfection. But what do readers really need?   […]


It starts with a book, then a book trailer. A book trailer is a preview, like the movie previews you watch before the movie you paid to see. Tonya Hamilton wrote a book, Wrestling With The Devil. A review of her book made it to BoomerPdx. We like books around here, the idea of books, […]


Every Wrestler Earns Their Yard Wrestler Medal. There’s always someone who needs to give it a try when they find out you wrestle, used to wrestle, or went to a wrestling match. “Let’s wrestle” isn’t the best invitation to throw out when you don’t know the person saying it. If it’s anyone from an Oregon […]


WHEN THE MD TALKS ABOUT SPORTS, HE’S HEADED THE RIGHT WAY One of the fascinating aspects of sports is the people you meet. For athletes, it starts early. From new friends, their parents, and coaches, the world expands in front of them. If you stay in a sport long enough, you meet some of the […]


OLYMPIC WRESTLING OR OREGON WRESTLING? BOTH A proposal to trim wrestling from the Olympic Games is a blessing in disguise. Here’s why: The first Olympics without wrestling would be 2020. The hosting choices are Istanbul, Tokyo, or Madrid. Japan is an international wrestling powerhouse. If they get the Games and a vote on events, wrestling […]