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Take Me To The Baby Boomer Station



Every culture expresses their reverence for life by their care for one another.

The most vulnerable, those on each end of life’s journey, are the barometer.

Children and the aged are the canaries in the baby boomer coal mine. If they’re not singing, we’re all in trouble.

For example:

There’s a kid all alone on a mass transit light rail train stop. What do you do?

Walk by as if the kid wasn’t standing all alone looking lost and afraid?

Get involved?

Or click into psycho-mode?

In Portland, Oregon a three year old kid walks off  a train. His dad missed getting off by ‘that much.’

A video shows the kid and a woman standing on the platform. Then it fast forwards to the dad walking up to the woman, getting his kid, and walking away.

No harm done?

  • Maybe he’s never heard of two year old Jamie Bulger from Merseyside, U.K., a boy separated from his mother in a mall who never made it back. Reading his horrific kidnapping makes sticking your head in the closing doors to keep the train from leaving seem half-hearted.

A reported thirty eight people, according to, witnessed Jamie Bulger on the way to his end.

  • In an odd coincidence thirty eight people witnessed another death years earlier. A.M.Rosenthal of the New York Times wrote a book titled Thirty Eight Witnesses. It’s about a young woman’s murder. Thirty eight witnesses in Kitty Genovese’s Queens, New York apartment building heard the attack. They closed their windows.

A lot of canaries dropped on those days. Thirty eight feels like the right number.

  • In Portland, Orianne Greene saw a kid on the train platform and waited with him until the dad came back. It’s a simple act in its elegance, one of common decency. She showed her caring side. The air filled with bird song. Showing how to care for children when you think no one is looking gives hope to the world. We can only hope for the same consideration when we need help.

One woman in Portland witnessed a kid separated from their father and did the right thing. She was an angel on the SE Main Street transit platform. If you accidentally lose track of your kid you’d hope the Portland lady is near by.

Listen to the song of the MAX Angel. Ms Greene hit all the notes in strong voice. Had someone else been there it would be a different ending to the story. But she passed the test. Score her one hundred percent.

Take a moment and say it out loud,

“Thank you Orianne Greene, you did us proud. Thank you very much. This is not Merseyside, or Queens.  This is Portland.”

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