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The Baby Boomer Prince

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How does the Royal Family bring out so many opposing opinions?

The Queen is selfish for hanging onto the throne so long. Or, she’s smart not to step aside for her ding-a-ling oldest son, Prince Charles.

Charles went over his head to marry Diana. Or, Charles followed his heart for Camilla.

Go ahead and pile on them, they can take it.

But why say anything about the Royal Baby? He doesn’t know if the monarchy is good or not.

All he knows is he’s got his Mom and Dad in the picture.

Isn’t that enough?

The Royal Birth brought out the best and worst.

The worst, part 1: “Woman of child bearing age delivers healthy baby.”

The worst, part 2: “Who cares about one baby born to rich people.”

The worst, part 3: “What the big deal about another so-called Royal wasting even more money better spent elsewhere?”

None of these sentiments has value on the second day of the kid’s life. Go ahead and drop that baggage.

To the American side of the negativity toward William and Kate: How did you feel about Octo-Mom? The Royal baby wasn’t sensational enough so you trash the event like it was another made-for-TV drama? Heads up, brothers and sisters, that’s not what’s going on.

Instead of whining about the attention sent Britain’s way, why not take a higher road? Take the NW Boomer road. Here’s a map to follow:

The new kid on the block will change lives beginning with his grandpa, Baby Boomer Prince Charles.

We know what kind of husband he was when he wouldn’t give up his girlfriend for his wife. Not so good, eh? We know what kind of father he’s been by the way his kids turned out so far. Getting better?

The grandpa role is new ground for the old rascal. Which way will he go? Which face will he show? Will it be the uncomfortably pained expression we’ve seen so much of, the one that silently says, “I’d much rather be anywhere else than in front of cameras and you people, thank you very much?”

Can’t blame him for that.

Or will we see a more relaxed Prince Charles basking in biological triumph? Let’s hope for this one, after all here’s a man who helped produce the dream baby of all royals, a son, an heir to the throne first time out. How many have whiffed on that pitch?

William grows up, finds his true love, and together they bring a son to the waiting throng. Isn’t that worthy of thoughtful reflection? I think so, but take it one step further.

The Queen of England is a great-Grandmother. Forget the handbag and the hats and see this for what it is: An 87 year old woman just got the thrill of her life. If you doubt it, keep reading.

A woman I know, an elderly woman saddled with the sort of health problems they write about in medical books, had four kids. Two are thirteen months apart, then a four year gap for her third followed by her fourth ten years later.

Her four kids have eleven children between them. Eleven grandkids ought to be enough, but then they grew up.

As the years passed and her health declined further, she lamented about no new  babies. With all of her worries all she wanted before she passed was a chance to see a great-grandchild. Her granddaughters married and said there wouldn’t be any kids soon.

Until one day…one of them had a baby girl.

With one beautiful baby, far prettier than any baby born to any royal from any time in history, the infirmities receded. Great-Grandma’s eyes brightened with hope and her smile returned.

One baby changed the last year of this woman’s life. I saw it happen. My Mom passed away with her dreams answered. It was a gift to her and the rest of the family.

If Queen Elizabeth is true to herself, her great-Grandson will do the same thing to her. He’ll bring hope and joy.

That’s what babies do best. The rest of us stand on the outside of that circle, but baby boomers know this is true.

And we like it.

The next time you hear remarks less than happy, remind the speaker they’re talking about a baby, then throw out a big NW Boomer welcome for George Alexander Louis.

Go baby, go.




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