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The Baby Boomer Secret Number 121212

Blown Away By The Hurricane Sandy Concert?

Let The Sunshine

Let The Sun Shine

The reviews are in.

The people have spoken.

Boomers and their bands are either the reason of Western Decline on the world stage, or not.

Young bands die on the vine because of old bands, not because they don’t move the needle and can’t tune a guitar.

If failure points a finger, make sure it’s pointing the right direction.

A boomer is not a seventy year old man. Let’s get that straightened out. Not boomers. They are seniors.

Paul McCartney is a senior citizen. Mick Jagger is a senior citizen.

They are seventy, or close to it. When you check the local obituaries for people who don’t make it out of their fifties, seventy looks like a ripe old age.

When you check the stage at Madison Square Garden on 12-12-12, seventy doesn’t stand out. The music coming from Paul McCartney stands out, not his age. An age statement written by a fifty eight year old boomer makes you think it’s an old guy looking for youth.

And you’d be wrong. How wrong?

By the time the Beatles quit being Beatles in 1970 they’d gone from dress alike boy banders to haired out freaks. They played for their movie ‘Let It Be’ from a rooftop. It was good enough to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song Score.

The Beatles wrapped up, but not Paul McCartney.

Forty two years later he’s in front of Dave Grohl’s drums playing a short-necked cigar box. The Foo Fighter bangs out a beat Nirvana could dance to and Paul takes an alt-rock turn worthy of any dropped-D screamer on stage for the first time.

That’s what a seventy year old looks like? Sounds like? The man didn’t limp out, do a cameo, wave, and leave. That’s what you’d expect from someone seventy. A good-to-see-you moment, a looking-good-for-his-age moment.

That’s not what Paul gave on 12-12-12. From playing bass, to acoustic guitar, to piano, to electric guitar, to that cigar box deal, he let the world know he’s still got game. He’s still up for the moment that calls for Rock and Roll.

And that’s good news for all Baby Boomers on a low day.

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