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Is It Really About The Money

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Successful people knows the answer, but they usually say something like, “follow your heart and the money will come.”

What they don’t talk about is the time it took to find their heart.

You’ve heard this said, “You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.”

Making an omelet is harder than scrambling eggs, that’s why no one says, “You have to crack a few eggs to make scrambled eggs.”

Dried eggs, eggs in a carton, egg whites, and more become some sort of scramble. You don’t have to crack anything, but it’s not an omelet.

Making money, and an omelet, takes a plan along with proper ingredients. Making money blogging is the same.

Start with a plan.

If it’s about money, make a business plan. Working a blog is about business, and boomers know about business, right? Blogging business?

Baby boomers are all about business, but it’s usually from the other end since the demographic is loaded from all accounts and draws more money spending opportunities than carter has pills.

Business talk today is about social media. You need to show the love, and the money will follow. Be interesting, be engaged, be in the loop. Is that you? If that’s anyone you know, ask if they make any money.

It’s a hard question to ask, and harder to answer, because everyone is either pulling in bags of dough, or just about to. You’ll know the difference from the glassy-eyed ‘about to’ group, and the twitchy ‘I’ve got to check my blog’ group.

Which one are you, and how can you help NW Boomer readers? Don’t worry about popping any bubbles with the truth. We can handle The Truth.






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