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You’ve heard it by now, that business success in the digital world requires, demands, a digital platform.

Maybe you’ve heard too much about platform?

If so, take a breath.

Building your business platform means wearing lots of hats, but one of them isn’t a backward ball cap.

You know your business better than anyone. Your products and services are as much a part of you as the door you open every day.

The business plan you wrote keeps the door open for interested customers.

The networking you’ve done with other businesses and entrepreneurs shows a future of prosperous growth.

Now you’re ready to show how much you appreciate where you are, how far you’ve come, but cards at Christmas and birthdays are only part of it.

You’ve got stories you want told, but can’t find time to write.

Remember when the supplier shipped the wrong material and instead of sending it back you turned it into a windfall?

Or the time you created a new logo that drew comparisons to the great Hans Schiebold and you got to meet him?

How do you share the fun on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+?

How do you start a blog when you’ve got barely enough time for the rest of your life?

You need a writer who embraces local flavor with awareness of national trends, one who reaches clients, manufacturers, and investors alike with posts they forward beyond the funnel of new traffic to your website.

The writer you need captures a story as taught in Cynthia Whitcomb’s screenwriting classes and keeps an eye on the goals taught in in Jackie Peteerson’s business classes.

With limited space on the calendar, please contact David Gillaspie at for further details.

A comfortable level of social media aimed toward Google’s first page awaits your response.









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