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With national service behind me (Vietnam-era without the Vietnam travel) I rate presidents on how they respond to my pay grade of Pfc.

There are a few problems.

Hearing how soldiers went to war with different types of body armor for the regular Army and reserves was tough to hear.

Seeing President Bush ride passenger on a jet during an aircraft carrier landing was nerve rattling.

Weak presidents get strong when they choose their administration.

Poor choices don’t help anyone.

Mr. Cheney ran Gov. Bush’s campaign, then the search for a suitable Vice-President, before he discovered he’d make the best VP.

Attorney General John Ashcroft dressing a bare breasted statue was an odd move for all who needed equal justice. He made you wonder where his focus was.

The condition Pres. Bush left the Republican Party in seems apparent with the lack of support given or requested of the former president. Ignoring a past president sends a bad message to the party faithful.

During his last day in office in 2008, President Bush shined brightest by not letting VP Cheney bully him into giving Scooter Libby a pardon.

Did Mr. Cheney, a man with extensive heart history, really hurt his back moving boxes? Or did he leave in a wheel chair to avoid the ceremonial end of his term?

Memories of President Bush will change over time, but the names in his administration remain the same. So does General Colin Powell’s speech to the UN.

Here was a man considering higher office, a man trusted with the truth, and he didn’t stand up. He was a leader of leaders of the highest rank, but President Bush and his administration turned him into a pawn.

That’s no way to treat an Army general, a chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a Secretary of Defense.

General Powell is too old to be a baby boomer, but Portland baby boomers in Vietnam know his work.

Did I miss the apology from President Bush to his Secretary of State? Or one from General Powell to his fellow veterans?

The reason you don’t hear “I’m sorry” from any of them is because after the first one it would never stop.

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