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How often does a blog post hit the mark, but not the one you expect?

That’s what the good ones do.

My email subscription to Boomer Café brought one.

Carrier Slocomb makes a hilarious pitch to keep his 20-something kid at home as an IT department.

I’ve got two of them myself, so I know who to ask if some device isn’t loading, or working, or on.

If you don’t have a kid to turn off the fax machine, or power reset the network router, you’d have to head-hunt one.

Information Technology is nothing to leave to amateurs, though Portland baby boomers are ahead of the curve.

Being close enough to the Silicon Forest to drive through makes you try and fix your own malfunctioning gear. You give it a shot if you have onsite back-up.

Hit Boomer Café for a hilarious take on baby boomer parents.

Empty nest, or Not So Fast Young Man.




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