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THE END. It’s More Than A Boomer Anthem By The Doors

One cold step after another warms you up

What do you say to a minister who believes we need to be more familiar with death?

If you talked to him after he presided over a funeral or memorial, he’s just doing his job.

He might be comforting the family and friends of the deceased, but his message is clear:

“None of us get out of here alive, but we won’t stop pretending.”

Pretending? Is that why morticians dress up their clients and make and them look like they’re resting?

One grown child said they were so happy they didn’t see their father in a casket. Not because he was dead, because his step-daughter went to beauty school and every haircut looked like a bad mullet.

That’s not the last memory anyone wants of a loved one.

Baby boomers stand to get lots of practice saying good-bye to each other. Obesity, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory problems all line up for their shot.

If one condition kicks in, the health dominoes start falling. Loss of mobility leads to weight gain which leads to the other ailments in no particular order.

Boomers, the original ‘Look At Me’ generation, are obliged to show how smart they are by getting off the early death train. They need to show the following generations how it’s done. Why? Because they can.

Toward that end,

  • Stop eating everything in sight. Have one serving of killer meatloaf comfort food then push away from the table. Don’t wait until you’re alone to attack it again.
  • Agree on a schedule with your beer buddies. No one says jump on the teetotaler bandwagon in Portland. The beer is too good to ignore. Just back it down from the regular habit.
  • If you feel like a walk, take a walk. Do you know what it feels like to feel like taking a walk? Ask someone with circulatory problems how their feet feel. If they say they can’t feel their feet anymore, and you can feel yours, then take a walk.

Boomerpdx Lesson: Do as much physical activity as you can. Do it often. The team still needs you.

Better Boomer says, the tip about staying in school when you were young was the right call. The more education you’ve got, the longer you live. That’s right, the nerds win…again. Keep your brain engaged.


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