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Petraeus’s Girlfriend Got It Wrong in Newsweek


Stepping Out? Go Big Or Go Home For Boomer’s Sake

1. Lead By Example?

All boomers lower their head when one of their own makes the mistake of being the boy-toy of a younger woman. If you do fall into that trap, at least make the bait more interesting. Married and messy is low hanging fruit. No one cheers for that.

2. A Leader Provides A Vision?

Who wants to see an old guy trapped by a girl commando on the make? She’s looking at the stars, General P. There’s a reason Paula Broadwell doesn’t run after Master Sergeants. It’s called profile.

3. A Leader Needs To Give Energy?

When they waste it on a married woman with kids out to prove she can still land the big tuna, everyone drops down a few amps. Wartime leaders plan attacks. Second rate Lotharios plan trysts. Which one requires more energy?

4. There Is An Exception To Every Rule?

Not when you marry a West Point Commandant’s daughter. She knows the rules better than you.

5. We All Make Mistakes?

A four star general has so many decisions that mistakes are part of the job. Give the wrong order, or give the right order, when it involves a girlfriend on the menu it never comes out the way you expect.

6. Be Humble?

When you’re at the top of your general game and dating your biographer in front of the staff, being humble is asking too much. You can try, but that balloon will fill up and pop.

7. Be A Team Player?

If the Army wanted you to have a wife, they’d issue one. That’s the name of the game. Playing slap and tickle with your girlfriend/bio writer is a whole different game. Pick a team and stick with it.

8. Don’t Rely On Rank?

See #2.

9. Leaders Should Be Thoughtful?

Think about this the next time you speak to a room of important people: What’s in your closet? If you reach in and pull out Paula Broadwell’s nightie instead of your tunic, you’ll lose the room before you start.

10. Stay Fit To Fight?

Also known as ‘Pick Your Battle.’ Are you fit enough to run away from your poor choices? So far, so good.

11. The Only Thing Better Than A Little Competition Is A Lot Of Competition?

No spouse alive or dead needs outside competition for their affection. And no general’s second string babe needs competition from a Tampa Bay socialite with a twin sister younger and prettier than the babe in question.

12. Everyone On The Team Is Mission Critical?

Except when the lights of unwanted publicity shine too brightly. When that happens the non-essential elements on the team get kicked to the curb like the last garbage bag for the too full garbage can. Trashy behavior from a boomer is just sad. Isn’t that what the seventies were for?

At the end of the day, don’t we want to see our betters and think ‘They are the best and the brightest America has to offer.’ We want a better world when our best take the big stage.

We can screw up like General Petraeus on our own. Don’t need four stars for that.

If Portland baby boomers need four stars, consider yourself promoted in the Boomerpdx Army.

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