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The Good Life


Guest post by Rick Wetherell, Mayor of North Bend, Oregon

The day in the Life…..

I wake in the morning at 5:30 A.M. in my 100+ year old-three storied house that looks over the beauteous Bay of Coos.

Then check my ‘friends’ (most of whom are past students) out on FB  (overlooking the occasional “F” bomb) and share what wisdom I may possess with all who care to indulge.

I climb in the shower with my Irish Spring (try not to picture), take my two pills (which I do…not need) with V8, brush my teeth and chase it all down with Listerine, and apply Vicks VapoRub to my bald head.

Pop in my hearing aids, dress in whatever doesn’t match (according to my bride), kiss ‘grandma’ good-bye, pet Puck the cat, and climb into my 1995 Ranger with ‘country wisdom’ roaring from my radio.

I drop by city hall to check my mail and see if they remember I am mayor, drive to Kingsview Christian School where every student is somebody, the staff is something special, and Jesus Christ is Lord.

And where most students lovingly call me “Mr. Wefferwall.”NB1

After school I work with my grandson on basketball (that boy is a worker) who we assume will be a North Bend Bulldog great one day, leave KCS, and head to my two grandsons’ house. My ne’er-tiring wife has been on duty there all day.

I tell them how much ‘Papa’ loves them, then head home, or to a city of North Bend or Bulldog event, or meeting somewhere in the area.

Dinner might be at Ginos or LosDos, where I read the World newspaper, and catch a few quotes from ever-present “Quote” collections.

Back at home it’s The Voice (or something like it) with my wife.

We climb the stairs, check to see if any of my ‘friends’ “liked” my post from the morning, pet Puck good night, roll into bed where I fall right to sleep.

(Shakespeare said, “The guilt-free mind sleeps sound.”)

I thank God for my day and all of you, knowing I will be awake in the morning before the alarm in a 100+ year old house that overlooks the beauteous Bay of Coos…….. tgwb (Thank God We’re Bulldogs.)

The bay below Simpson Heights

The bay below Simpson Heights

(Editorial: Rick Wetherell moved from a childhood in Hermiston, Oregon to North Bend, but didn’t trade Bulldogs. He’s been one all of his life.

His influence on baby boomers is undeniable. Everyone who had him as a teacher remembers his class. His students had no idea where this feisty English teacher came from, but knew where they’d go if they didn’t pay attention.

When I read the longer pieces he posts to facebook I’m reminded of my hometown and how lucky it is to have someone who didn’t use it as a stepping stone. North Bend had those kind of teachers.

While Portland baby boomers have their own favorite teachers, I’d be surprised if any of them shine as brightly as Mr. Wetherell. And the glow isn’t fading, no matter how many steps he climbs in his 100+ year old house overlooking the beauteous Bay of Coos.)


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