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What Outsiders Don’t See On The Front Page.

The Portland Hotel entry on the right opens toward the Pioneer Courthouse across 6th St. Who knew? via

Live here long enough and you know Portland is more than the next eastside trend, like bewildered 30-somethings riding bikes and having kids.

So much more.

Stephen Colbert pumps for Powells Books.

LeBron James rolls with Nike.

Anthony Bourdain shouts out for Pok Pok.

They point to Portland so others see it through their eyes. Is that Portland enough?

Colbert goes after Amazon through Powells; LeBron keeps Nike moving up the Fortune 500 but seems to be Li-ning away.

Anthony Bourdain goes to Thailand and meets Pok Pok’s Andy Ricker. He discusses what could be served in Chris Christie’s jock on a hot day.

Bad image, or part of Thai fun? Take a big sniff from an open bottle of fish sauce and leave a comment.

But it’s not Portland. At least not Googlized Portland.

The first hit on a portland oregon search is the city’s official page. The top of the list inside belongs to the Portland Police.

Police? This is Portland, not a murder capital like Chicago. From

‘The Portland Police Bureau, in partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor, has introduced a series of billboards around the community highlighting the police officers keeping the community safe.’

Just letting us know.

Portland Google #2: Wikipedia. Wiki loves Google, Google loves Wiki. It’s a ringer for the near the top of any list.

#3: Visit Portland through Travel Portland with a scrolling image panel. Five topics with five images include tours, shopping, parks, beer, and waterfalls.

#4: Things to do in Portland via guess who, It’s a big fun list, but I’m a little worried. After the police presence in I want to know where I shouldn’t go more than where I could go.

Take Wiki out and that’s the top three, the best view of Portland Google sends the world. Is it Portland enough?

On a stretch I’ll guess no. Look at Portland from a Portland baby boomer perch, from fifty years old at the youngest, and what you don’t see is often as clear as what you do.

You see Mt. Hood coming out of the tunnel on Hwy 26, not the Koin tower.

You see the Portland Hotel where Pioneer Square sits.

You see Portland before the 405, before urban renewal.

I see the Portland Hotel in pictures. Same with urban renewal, but I was here before the Koin Center. I miss Mt. Hood from the tunnel, of telling someone from out of state to close their eyes, then open them for the mountain.

What do you see?





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