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The Hashtag Hook

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Every trap has some sort of bait.

Fish hit the worm on a hook.

Crabs crawl into the crab-pot to munch on fish heads.

Forbes magazine prints an article explaining how hashtags attract wealthy customers.

We’re all on the same page so far? Hashtag = #, like #boomerpdx.

Author Cheryl Conner says people with money are flocking to facebook because of searchable hashtags.

What does thismean to you? Three groups of people, based on their bank, use facebook more than ever before.

The groups are, in low money to high money order, Mass Affluent, Millionaires, and Ultra High.

Their dollar worth ranges from $100,000 to $25,000,000.

If the idle rich and leisure class resort to facebook to stay connected, what’s next, a Mayan calendar ending?

Facebook already floods their pages with so many ‘like’ options it drives normal people away. Now you know what’s up.

The pledge from Mark Zuckerberg says on the opening page, “Facebook is free and always will be.”

Entrepreneurs who started from the bottom ought to be wary of anything free, even while they give their stuff away to build their brand.

Facebook might be free, but isn’t it a funnel of TMI going who knows where?

When you find a sight that says, “Sign up through your facebook account” do you? I’m suspicious.

In the realm of too good to be true, hashtags on facebook promise smaller companies a ride on the coattails of the big boys.

Ms Connor writes: “Nike, Amazon, Dell, and other top of mind brands high net worth customers know and enjoy are all using hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.”

This is business writing. I’ll interpret for you: If you have a facebook page for your business, you can post your deal and use hashtags to link to more recognizable names.

Name recognition by association means you’ll be seen as an equal to Nike, Amazon, or Dell?

#Boomerpdx makes sneakers, buys the Washington Post, and builds computers. It’s that easy. Now I’ll wait for the money truck to pull up outside my window and dump bundles of cash in my yard.

But first, read a second hashtag post a look over on where Andrew Harasewych points Ms Connor with a hashtag spank in comments. And classy writer that she is, she responds by saying thank you. She might even quote his post in a future article.

That’s how you do social media. Well played, Cheryl.

Will it work here? Let’s find out on my favorite movie maker:

#benaffleck, or Ben Affleck?





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  1. A bit confused as to the bump, but a bump is a bump nonetheless 🙂 Thanks

    Who is Cheryl Connor?

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Way to get on it, Andrij. You’re a pro. Who is Cheryl Connor? She wrote the Hashtags Attract Wealthy Customers article on Forbes. Your exchange with her was social media ballet.

      You earned your bump for that, brother.

      Thanks for coming in. By the way, one of subscribers just bailed so there’s an opening.



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