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The Oregon Historical Society And The NFL.
The Lombardi Trophy inside the Oregon HIstorical Society.

The Lombardi Trophy inside the Oregon HIstorical Society.

The most important rule of success is finding the right formula and repeating it.

No need to follow failure. You’ve got that covered.

If branding is your goal with either a product or a name, learn from the best. Take a lesson from the National Football League, the strongest brand in sports.

When the NFL speaks, acts, or shows up near you, it’s time to pay attention.

Thursday afternoon the NFL came to Oregon.

Seahawk fans gather in a museum?

Seahawk fans gather in a museum?

The Seattle Seahawks brought their Super Bowl Trophy to town. One of their guys called the Oregon Sports Authority for a location. After the history museum hosted the Stanley Cup, where else would the Lombardi go?

By visiting a Portland museum with a statewide and national reach, the NFL opened a new door where sports fans become history fans.

Years from now a kid will see a picture of the Lombardi Trophy Oregon and start asking questions.

In sports the big question is always “what have you done lately?”


Spot the ring? Doug Baldwin.

History asks “What happened?”

Just like you felt when you made your own discoveries, future sports and history fans will have an answer for both questions?

What has the NFL done lately? What happened with the Seahawks?

Your answers make a difference. Check with the history museum if you get stuck.


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