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What Long Married Partners Should Say Each Year After Their 25th Anniversary.


Long married words to repeat. via pinterest.

Too often we take each wedding anniversary for granted.

Like a birthday, the numbers don’t make sense for baby boomers.

What? I’m 50? 60? No way?


What? I’m married a quarter century? I’m married half my life?

It’ll happen, but you don’t want to alarm your partner.

They probably think you’ve forgotten how important anniversaries are.

Surprise them with this one line. Maybe two.

“I forget. Is this our 25th anniversary or your 25th birthday?”

“Is 27 our years of marriage or your waist size?”

“29 years together? Or our 29th date?”

If you get locked out of the house, don’t blame me.

Since my wife isn’t a blog reader this ought to be a big surprise for her.

Don’t ruin it.

It only works with long married people.

If your married, say, twelve years, it’s not gonna be a game changer. It’ll be a game wrecker.


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