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THE Oregon History

A Good Time For A Refresher Course?


Museums serve to help us understand.

The good ones are a destination onto themselves.

The Oregon Historical Society is fast becoming that destination.



Are you one of those baby boomers who read history books to put yourself to sleep?

Or perhaps a student who digs so deep you order reserved books in the library to answer your questions?

Both of you will enjoy a visit to OHS.


When is a good time to plan a visit? Mondays look good.

The new exhibit, “Windows On America” will keep you on your toes.

The presentation allows you to read or listen.

A high-tech audio overhead doesn’t allow the soundtrack drift to other areas. If you like your history on a touch screen, you’ll feel right at home.


There’s something very comforting when an institution as revered as OHS moves one foot into the modern digital world while keeping the other in tradition.

Telling the story is a big task. Getting the word out is essential.

OHS is taking big steps. Social media. Organizing face to face gatherings. And best of all, bright banners to liven up the streets.


Companies that stay on-message build trust. Apple computers, Nike, Precision Castparts. You don’t get to the Fortune 500 by straying.

The Oregon Historical Society is on a similar track to bring our shared stories to the front.

Call it the Oregon Smithsonian, or the Oregon Getty, just be sure to call on Executive Director Kerry Tymchuk for showing the kind of vision history needs.

Here he is in front of the new wall that is awesome to see in person.


The next time you have friends or family in town, and you’re ready to show off a little, take them down to the Portland Park Blocks for a look around.

Then ask them where they’d like to go.

Chances are good that they’ll lead you through the front doors of 1200 SW Park.

For Portland baby boomers, this is a great day.

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