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The PDX For Portland Boomers


The Pdx secret: HoodPdx and ForestPdx. Only in Pdx.

The Pdx secret: HoodPdx and ForestPdx. Only in Pdx.

There’s no shame in identifying with a favorite city.

Portland makes it easier than most. Why else would other places try and snag some Portland?

The Portland of the midwest. The Portland of Minnesota. The Portland of Nebraska.

The Portland of Texas doesn’t seem right. Neither does the Portland of Maine.

But the idea is the same. A river runs through it, along with a river of beer, food carts, and facelifts for old neighborhoods.

All roads lead to Portland, Oregon.

Eugene could be the next Portland, but what state needs two Portlands?

The pdx abbreviation is handy for everyone, not just boomerpdx.

For instance, Portland Bloggers goes with and it fits. Hit the Master List to see some good work.

For food it’s Eater with Hit places and start filling up.

Coffee? It is Portland, after all, and that spells caffeine at Read the blog with a cup of recommended brew and send them a thanks.

Did you say beer? Portland beer? Then check out while they ramp up to bigger and better.

Bloggers, coffee, food, beer? What’s missing? If it’s good enough for Portland Baby Boomers, it’s good enough for you.

Leave a link if you find more.


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