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It’s A New Batman Day.



How will the Bat suit look with Ben inside?

So far, so good. He’s been to the gym and it shows.

The big step is letting the movie roll without pointing to Ben for two hours.

The Superman vs Batman title makes it a Superman movie, not Batman.

If it takes all of Superman’s strength to carry the movie, Batman won’t matter.

Since it’s a Ben Affleck Batman, though, it will always matter.

The guy strikes a  chord in his fans, hits a note, that few can reach.

Baby boomers know Batman from comics and television. Neither of them reach the same Batman as today.

TV Batman didn’t reinvent the role as much as just wear the suit.

Get in shape? Why bother. That Batman had other priorities in the sixties.

The next Batman, Ben, settles the argument whether he’ll wear a muscle suit under the Bat gear. Take a look. He doesn’t need it.

Compare the two pics at the top. Ben’s been doing his close grip bench, and incline bench, for the pec-curve. He’s been doing flys for chest width and arm extensions for his triceps.

He hasn’t ignored his core, either. The two-pack protrusion at the top tents his shirt over the four – six pack underneath.

Why does Batman need to be ripped? For the same reason NFL football players need to be ripped. They both take a beating, and the both need to get up afterward. That sort of training leaves a mark, a ripped muscle mark.

Let’s hope the movie magic includes Ben getting his pump on before the Batman scenes, and not for the Bruce Wayne parts. There’s something unfair when the rich and famous are also in great shape.

Ben has to be in great shape. He has kids he seems to care about, and boomers know better than others how cruel kids can be around a fat daddy.

They call us fat and we don’t care. We didn’t call our dads fat, even if they were. You don’t go to battle against Germany and Japan, then five years later Korea and China, come back with the W, and put up with smart mouth kid talk.

Calling our dads fat wasn’t smart. It wouldn’t make them lose weight, stop smoking, or exercise. It would make them feel like they haven’t beat enough sense into us.

Millennials will love the Ben Batman because he’ll role model for them the same way he does for his kids.

Gen X slackers will love him because he embodies the lifestyle without the harmful side-effects of slacking.

Again, cue up the role model.

Affleck will reach across generations during his tour as Batman.

Kids will love being frightened. They don’t know Ben Affleck, but they will remember his Batman.

Teens will see the movie more than once to lock into the characters. They’ll repeat Affleck lines for years.

Twenty-somethings will see their future. Work hard, stay true to your calling, and you will succeed.

Thirty and forty-somethings will want to be Ben Affleck more than they do now. He’ll be their Steve McQueen, their Jack Nicholson, guys who can’t help being cool for everyone else.

The rest of us will enjoy seeing Ben stomp the crap out of one villain after another.

Film fans, or Marlon Brando fans, remember his movies for the great acting.

That’s the Marlon movie you expect, but you got more. How often did Marlon get beat up? A lot. So will Ben.

What is it about handsome Hollywood legends getting worked over that makes their movies better than ever? Better them than us.

In closing, who recalls the uproar of Marlon Brando playing The Godfather? How could a forty eight year old Nebraskan play an aging Italian man from the old country?

They call it acting, and that’s what Ben Affleck will do in Superman vs Batman. Why?

Because he’s an actor, and he’ll be great.

More important, he’ll be one step closer to finding another project to start.




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