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No one likes admitting it, especially aging men.


Who are the top aging men on the scene?

Even though he’s newly married and expecting a baby, George Clooney must be driving that bus.

He’s aging? You’d never know.

But who ever thought Paul Newman would get old? Or Robert Redford?

Instead of settling into some movie star cave in LA furnished with casting couches, George opts for the far flung. Like Italy.

And he’s got an international wife.

If you jet set, you need to fly around to catch those dashing airport photos around the world.

Would George admit to aging? Or would he say 55 is the new 35?

He’s making it look likely at 55.


Marriage and children are one way of proving to anyone watching that you’re more than a pretty face with a big bank roll.

When Brad Pitt did it he seemed to step up to the challenge of every husband and father.

Namely, keep honey happy and don’t wreck the kids.

Now his wife isn’t happy and who knows about all their kids.

What’s wrong with getting married, having kids, and not joining the circus with them all in staring roles?

Going big or going home doesn’t have to apply to family life. Now we see the results.

Six kids with Jon Voight’s daughter was too much. And it wasn’t the six kids that tipped the scale.

Or Jon Voight.

Blame Brad the same way you’d blame any other aging man.


The third of three aging men is the oldest. Clint Eastwood.

Like George Clooney, Clint got remarried late and had a daughter with his second wife.

Unlike Brad Pitt, he didn’t start adopting kids around the world. He doesn’t need to.

All he needs to do is call his old girlfriends and organize a family reunion for his seven kids.

He may not earn any Father of the Year honors, but he’s got enough votes to stuff a ballot box.

I don’t hear Clint complaining about being old. Aging men are the last to know.

He’s made a run that’s hard to beat, maybe a run you shouldn’t want to beat.


If you had to pick a husband for your wife, one from this gallery of aging men, who would it be?

George with his calm demeanor?

Brad with his wild thing going?

Or Clint with enough drive that you’d have to tie him down?

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