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Tigard Backpack Program

Charlie Sandbo Shows How To Help A Food Budget.


How often do you read about retiring Baby Boomers striving to remain relevant?

Whether it’s their family, their community at large, or something on a national level, Boomers keep looking for a better way.

Is it a surprise that a boomer couple’s son would do the same thing?

A young man in Tigard, Oregon has found a way.

Charlie Sandbo has seen youth programs from both sides. As a child he participated in youth sports coached by volunteers like your faithful blogger.

The image above shows Charlie at a fundraiser in his blue shirt.

Throughout his educational adventures in middle and high school, Sandbo worked for D.A.R.E. as a counselor.

After graduating from college he took another step with the Tigard Backpack Program.


In yet another example that shows the Big Time can be right where you are, Mr. Sandbo organized a fund raising event at he new Tigard Burgerville.

A rule you might hear at a grant writing seminar says big donors don’t come aboard on a project until there’s a groundswell of local support.

Why make it so easy that everyone could do it?

When a project aims to put food on the table for local youths who would otherwise not get enough to eat, people listen.

It’s not about more computers, more uniforms, or a class trip. It’s about food.

To reacquaint yourself with hunger, spend a day eating less, or nothing at all if you can, then go to bed.

No one has sweet dreams on an empty stomach.

Imagine what it feels like to a developing child. That’s a measurable loss in terms of school performance, behavior, and overall attitude.

Hunger is not a secret, but how many kids want to talk about it?

Sandbo not only speaks for them, he puts his time in with his words.


Who else besides boomerpdx pushes for Tigard’s Backpack Program? Many.

Pamplin Media Group’s Regal Courier published an article about King City Women’s Golf Club raising $1100.00 to feed students.

Tigard Rotary takes notice.

A Tigard Times article explains how high the stakes are.

KATU amplifies the call.

Office Depot heard the message.

Social media helps define Mr. Sandbo for those on the fence.

A google search on Tigard Backpack Program tells the story on page after page.

Whether you’re in a Red or Blue state of politics, whatever income level, food speaks your language.

Use your eloquence and make a connection in your community.



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