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Tiger Woods, The Man Who Still Might Change The World

What he could have said? Plenty.

The greatest current golfer looked right at the camera and talked to his audience, delivering a very prepared and professional report on himself.

He did his Stanford time proud.

His name carries world-wide recognition.  Tiger has a platform Muhammad Ali wants.

And it crashed. You’ve seen the video.

Now he’s sorry, and says as much to the world that knows his name.

The Missing Part?

Given the nature of his reach, why not take the opportunity to do something for the world, for Oregon.

Here’s the Tiger Woods newser that didn’t happen:

“Good afternoon, I am here to acknowledge my failings, both as a husband and father.  I am an adulterer.  I ask for your understanding.  At the same time, I am here to ask something more.

“Yes I had sex with women, lots of women. I disrespected my wife, my marriage, myself and those who placed their trust in me.

“Yes I had sex, lots of sex, but it was Safe Sex.  Let me repeat:

Safe Sex.

“Today I ask for your forgiveness, but also that you too practice Safe Sex.

“Toward that goal I have started a foundation called “Tiger’s Wood” which will manufacture and distribute condoms from China to Africa to Sweet Home, Alabama.  I want North America, South America, and Europe to use my Tiger Stripe condoms.

“The mistakes I’ve made are mine to fix; my high risk behavior was unacceptable, but because I practiced Safe Sex, the risk didn’t become a death sentence.

“Please join me to encourage Safe Sex.  Support Tiger’s Wood. Use a condom. You’ll find them near the door on the way out.

“Thank you and good-bye.”

The devastation from AIDS needs all the help it can get.

Do this one thing and you will be sainted.

Turn, “What is wrong with Tiger Woods?”



Tiger, just do it.  Do it right.


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